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Magazines & Newspapers:

From Baby & Kids:

"The Learning Tower from Little Partners, which was designed to allow kids to stand at counter height and help parents in the kitchen, can be transferred into a puppet theatre, dollhouse, drive thru or lemonade stand with the Playhouse Kit."

From Creative Play Retailer:

"The Learning Tower allows both the child and parent to feel secure and allow them together to learn, create, participate and unite on an equal level whether making a salad, cookies, washing hands or doing arts and crafts projects. And the Learning Tower was designed to adjust in seconds as your child grows from 18-months to around 6 years old."

From Parenting New Hampshire:

"The Learning Tower is a simple way to help toddlers in the conquest of their new world. Constructed of sturdy, high-quality birch, The Learning Tower is made to last, its four-sided design and roomy platform fosters both child and caregivers' feelings of safety while enabling the child's desire to be independent and inquisitive."

From Flagler Parent:

"The Learning Tower has been carefully designed to provide a secure environment for a child's imagination to be stimulated and blossom."

From Volusia Parent:

"It's design nurtures a child's innate desire to be independent, and to participate alongside his or her parents and siblings."


"It's designed with a platform that can be lowered as children grow so they can always be at counter height — the perfect height for helping Mom with the dishes, or stirring a bowl of batter. The Learning Tower has also been cleverly designed to turn into an art easel or playhouse. Let the fun begin!"

From Babycouture:

"The best place for a kid to start learning about responsibility and teamwork is at home, particularly in the kitchen – the Fascinating Land of Yummy Creations. Feed your child’s curiosity and let him join in the fun with The Learning Tower, a sturdy platform that safely boosts kids to countertop levels."

From The Compleat Mother:

"Winner of Dr. Toy's Best 10 Active Toys, The Learning Tower can also be used as a sturdy desk, fort, or puppet theater. The stable, no-tip design wipes clean easily and fits flush against average countertops...toddlers get a step-up in the world of culinary delights."

Blog Features:


"Oh how I wish I'd had the Little Partners Learning Tower nine years ago when I had my first child. This is great product for parents and children alike not only serves as a really safe alternative to a step stool, but it allows children (ages 18 months to 5 years) to participate with parents in adult activities in the kitchen, backyard, decorating for any holiday, or simply climbing for fun."

From The Wood Family blog:

"We got this thing called the Learning Tower last week and we looooovvvveeee it. Audrey can climb in and out of it by herself so she can get up high and the platform is adjustable. It's a nice safe way for kids to be a part of the action. We've only had it for a few days, but she spends a few hours every day in it."

From the Bellani Maternity blog:

"The Learning Tower is one of those pieces of kid gear that makes parents in the know say, “Oooooh.” It’s a pretty clever idea: an adjustable platform that can act as a sort of combination step stool, activity center, and jungle gym. The standard suggested usage scenario is that it enables kids to reach the counter or sink in your kitchen so they can “help” you cook or at least play with kitchen tools."

From the Motherhood and Miscellany blog:

"I so enjoy cooking and am very excited to be able to let her participate in the process of creating food for herself and our family. I want her to have wonderful memories of our times in the kitchen, and I think this Tower will help facilitate that. Definitely worth the money!"

From the Pyle of Love blog:

"The Learning Tower is a quality product that I highly recommend for every household with children 18 months to 6 years. I look forward to sharing the memories we will make with him standing on his tower. Anytime we use it with anything I blog about I will be sure to tag the post with the Learning Tower Category so you can follow the different ways we use it and hopefully get inspired with new ways to use yours!"

From the Miranda Makes blog:

"Fiona loved standing in her Learning Tower while I organized all our kitchen cabinets this week. Our kitchen is VERY hot this time of year, and with the current heat wave it was a bit miserable spending so much time in there, but I'm so thrilled to have such an orderly space now. Next step, learn to cook!"