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Posted by David 08/25/17 0 Comment(s)


3 Ways the 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool Helps Kids with their Bathroom Routines


Morning and bedtime routines in the bathroom create important teachable moments for kids when it comes to self-care, hygiene, and cleaning up after themselves. With our 3-height adjustable Growing Step Stool, they’re able to actually reach all the bathroom features they need in order to fully participate in daily bathroom tasks.



1. Gives Kids a Boost to the Mirror + Faucet

Brushing teeth, brushing hair, and washing hands is a lot easier (and more fun!) when little ones can see themselves in the mirror. Boosting them to the proper countertop height makes their entire hygiene routine more accessible and altogether less frustrating.


2. Allows Kids to Participate in Bathroom Chores

With the added height, little ones can reach bathroom hooks or towel racks in order to hang up wet towels, and even reach up to wipe down bathroom countertops. Involving kids in daily chores early on, and presenting the chores as just a part of their normal routine, helps to develop accountability and independence.


3. Mom and Dad Can Use It, Too!

During bath time, the Step Stool makes a stable seat for mom and dad to save knees and hips from hard bathroom floors. In fact, it’s tested to hold up to 250 lbs., so parents can use it for a step up anywhere around the house.


The 3-in-1 Step Stool's tongue-in-groove assembly, superior craftsmanship, and 7 available finishes give it the strength, stability, and style to make it a great addition to any room in your home. Do you own our Step Stool? Where do you use it most?



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