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Baking Donuts with Kids

Posted by David 06/01/18 0 Comment(s) Holidays,Kids in the Kitchen,

It’s National Donut Day, and who doesn’t like an excuse to go down to your favorite spot to pick up a box of colorful donuts for the whole family? But if you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen with your little baker, we also have some fun resources and recipes so that you can make your own.




These funfetti donuts are bright and colorful for summer, and they’re baked, avoiding the mess of a fryer. Set your little one up in the Original Learning Tower, and have them help add ingredients into the bowl, drizzle the glaze, and of course, add the finishing touch of sprinkles. 



For a healthier and simpler option, these baked whole wheat raspberry donuts have all the deliciousness of regular donuts, without the heaps of sugar. 



Or, if your little one has dietary restrictions, we love this round-up of gluten-free donut recipes. It even includes a paleo donut recipe. 
















If you're a fan of peanut butter and chocolate, you won't want to miss this Peanut Butter Glazed Brownie Donut recipe from Simply Scratch! 










For a classic glazed donut, check out Cooking Classy's Copycat Krispy Kreme recipe. 





If recipes like those overwhelm you, we totally understand! Baking with your little kitchen helper is fun...and also messy. Sometimes, when it comes to involving kids in the kitchen, simpler is better. That’s why we love baking kits, like the We Cook Kits by Baby Boy Bakery Kids, which includes an original recipe and all the baking tools you’ll need. And yes--there was a donut one! Lunches and Littles tried it with her little partner. 







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