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5 Ways to Engage Kids Over the Holiday Weekend

Posted by Little 02/18/17 0 Comment(s)

It’s a long weekend with President’s Day coming up on Monday, and we know that, while you love spending time with your little one, it can be difficult to keep them engaged for so many hours at home. Try these five fun ideas to keep them active and entertained with easily accessible supplies that you have around the house. 

1. Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt

Send the little ones on a scavenger hunt in the yard to not only help them get some fresh air, but also to learn about nature. Check out this free nature scavenger hunt printable. If the weather is bad, there are tons of creative indoor scavenger hunt ideas including book hunts and memory hunts. For more indoor ideas, head to this list by No Time for Flashcards.

2. Craft with Holiday Leftovers

Breakout your leftover holiday supplies and let the kids unleash their creativity with them. Leftover gift wrap and those lingering holiday cards that you didn’t get to send are all fair game. To create some more guided activities for toddlers using wrapping paper, checkout these ideas, including a DIY puzzle.

3. Let the Countdown Begin

Make a countdown chain to count the days left until Spring, Easter, the last day of school, or whatever day your little one is most looking forward to. This paper chain caterpillar is a cute and simple idea.

4. Prep Your Spring Plants

Get your plant starters ready with the help of your little gardener. Upcycle empty egg cartons to plant your seeds or even use ice cream cones. This is the perfect activity for little hands to assist you with so they can learn by your side. 

5. Host a Themed Dance Party

Put on bathing suits and sunglasses and crank the beach tunes for an indoor dance party. Substitute whatever theme you can that works with the clothes your family’s got in the closet and your little one’s favorite music. 

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