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Healthy Eating for Toddlers and Kids Round-Up

Posted by Little 02/24/17 0 Comment(s)


Healthy Eating for Toddlers and Kids Round-Up


We know it can be difficult to find the time and energy to prepare healthy meals, especially when you have toddlers and/or a picky eater on your hands. That’s why we love seeing real moms incorporating the Original Learning Tower into their routines to not only make meal prep easier, but also to encourage everything from healthy eating to family bonding. Whether you’re looking for easy recipes that won’t consume your whole day or some tried and true tips for dealing with a picky toddler, these moms have some great resources to make your mealtime and family life run a little more smoothly. 


Dealing with a Picking Eater

1. Managing a Picky Eater


Having a picky eater can be frustrating, especially when you know how important good nutrition is for growing little ones. The Baby Chick feels your pain. “My toddler only wants to eat chicken nuggets, when she wants to eat at all — and my preschooler pretends she is ‘sick’ when she doesn’t like what I’ve made for dinner. They both are making me crazy.” So, she put together this thorough list of 8 tips for dealing with picky eaters, including expert advice and products to support your mission.


2. The Kitchen as a Classroom


Fitmomma feels that involving kids in the kitchen is like giving them a hands-on course on more than just healthy eating. “It provides ample opportunities to teach a variety of things from colors to counting, food groups and the importance of nutrition.” She shares how she involves her 3 year-old and 14-month old in all the teachable moments available in the kitchen routine.

Amanda, a mama and registered dietitian is also a huge advocate for involving her 17-month old in the entire kitchen experience, and she shares some creative ways to do so. From making the coffee to wiping down counters, her little one has ample opportunities to explore and learn.





3. Easy Breakfast Solutions


Finding it nearly impossible to get a healthy breakfast in your kids’ bellies before you’re all headed out the door? Before you reach for sugary cereals, Life Made Simple has the easiest (and prettiest) healthy Banana Split Breakfast recipe to save your morning. And her little helper is right there by her side to make it!



4. Enlist the Help of a Meal Prep Service


Sometimes, making the time to find recipes, grocery shop, and cook dinner just isn’t feasible for your family’s lifestyle. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a meal prep service like Hello Fresh. Bonus: you can still involve your kids in the cooking process, without the stress of meal planning, like mother of two, Nicole Banuelos, did in her blog post and video



5. Family Bonding


Montessori mom, Sarah, shares her tips for creating a home that supports family bonding. “I often encounter families who want to create a playroom just for the children. When I hear this, I strongly urge them to reconsider. A room designated just for toys often goes unused. Children like to be where the action is.” And we all know that, for most families, the kitchen is usually where all the action is.


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