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Mealtime Brings Dads and Kids Together

Posted by David 06/09/17 0 Comment(s) Kids in the Kitchen,

Dads and Kids in the Kitchen: More Than Just Help Getting Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the Table!


We’ve shared with you the benefits of bringing kids into the kitchen and slowing down enough to let them meal prep by your side. Not only does it empower them to be creative and independent, but it also provides valuable family bonding time. Between our Instagram feed and the blogging community, we love seeing so many sweet moments of little ones in the kitchen, learning right beside mom. 


But there’s another trend we’re psyched about: dads are in the kitchen with kids, too! Though women still spend nearly twice as much time in the kitchen as men, studies show that 42% of men in 2008 were heading into the kitchen, over the 29% in 1965. 

As more mothers remain in the workforce, the family landscape continues to change, and we love that this means that little chefs are getting quality time in the kitchen with both parents. It also sets a great example for a healthy family dynamic, demonstrating that mom and dad each have an equal share of the housework. 


And the same rules apply to celebrity dads, too. Check out these 5 fathers in the kitchen with their little ones (desperately in need of the Original Learning Tower, we might add!). 


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