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National Ice Cream Month

Posted by Little 07/23/14 0 Comment(s) Holidays,


Last Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, and I cannot believe I missed it!Who misses something like that?! Lucky for me and all of you guys, it is STILL National Ice Cream Month.Any excuse for ice cream is fine by me!To celebrate such an occasion most fully, I am going to round up the nieces to make our own ice cream.I’ve found a link to some great recipes that we are looking forward to trying. We may even make them extra special with toppings. :)


If you don’t have an ice cream maker, don't worry!   Your kids will love helping by rolling around a coffee can to make ice cream.  And boy will they be amazed to see the results!

Oh and don’t forget to use your Learning Tower’s Ice Cream Playhouse Kit for a little imaginative play while serving!



I hope you all get a chance to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.Send us a message on Facebook or even a picture.We would love to see your ice cream celebration!