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Sweet-Free Treats for Valentine's Day

Posted by Little 02/10/17 0 Comment(s)

Is it possible to capture all the sweetness of Valentine’s Day without overloading kids on sugar? We think so, and we’ve put together this round-up of creative Valentine’s Day treats that don’t involve sweets, so your little ones can experience all the love without the sugar crash. 


1. Fall in Love with Cupid’s Arrows 



This Cupid’s Arrow craft by A Grande Life makes an adorable gift to hand out to loved ones on the big day, or place them in mason jars around the house for some cheery Valentine’s Day decor. You can simplify the process by using pencils instead of wooden dowels. 
















2. Love that Sticks


Sticker packs and Valentine-themed temporary tattoos are a fun (and mess-free) treat for little ones to attach to Valentines for their classmates. You can even tackle your own DIY temporary tattoos with this free Valentine design printable








3. Healthy Snack Inspiration




Attach some kid-approved, sugar-free snack packs to Valentines and work the name into a clever message. We love this example from Make and Taste that has a pack of Goldfish crackers with the message, “I’m glad we’re in the same school. Happy Valentine’s Day!”










4. Small Toys to Make Hearts Leap



A treat doesn’t have to be edible. A bouncy ball can bring just as much joy as a bite of chocolate. And yes, Valentine’s Day bouncy balls--complete with heart glitter inside--do exist, and they’re at Target.











5. Fruit That Loves You Back


Grab some edible markers and let your little one go to town drawing heart eyes and cute Valentine faces onto apples, tangerines, or pears.

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