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5 Thoughtful Gifts for Little Ones to Make Their Teacher

Posted by David 05/05/17 0 Comment(s) Holidays,

International Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 9th, and there’s nothing like a gift handmade by little hands to show a teacher that you care. Try these five sweet and simple ideas as a small thanks for all the time, love, and care that teachers give:


1. Teacher Portrait


Set your little artist up at their Deluxe Art Center or Tri-Side Easel to paint a portrait of his or her teacher. Not only is this an awesome creative exercise for them, but it will be sure to give the teacher a smile (and depending on how abstract it turns out, maybe even a laugh!). These “foliage face” portraits offer a fun twist for spring.



2. Put it in Writing


Make a simple picture book of reasons why your child loves their teacher. Depending on how old your little one is, this can be a project that you do together, or one that you set them up at their Easel with using the supplies you have in your craft closet. Let them make it their own with stickers, glitter, ribbon, and anything else you have!



3. Bright Blooms for Their Desk

Take your little one around the garden, if you have one, to handpick a custom bouquet for their teacher. Or, let them pick out their favorite at the store. Either way, the bouquet will brighten up his or her teacher’s desk for the week as a reminder that their students care.




4. Favorite Sweet Treat

Put some feelers out to find out the teacher’s favorite treats and bake an extra big batch this weekend. Your little kitchen helper can be stationed right next to you at counter height with the Original Learning Tower, so they can feel as if they are truly a part of making the gift. If you’re feeling ambitious, these Teacher Appreciation themed cookies are darling.



5. When all Else Fails...Chocolate!

If you’re pinched for time, no teacher (or human?) will ever turn down chocolate! Accompany it with a sweet, handwritten note about what your child has loved most about the school year, or one of these adorable preschool cards by Making Mine.





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