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Mother’s Day and Small Ways to Create Memories Every Day

Posted by David 05/12/17 0 Comment(s) Holidays,Kids in the Kitchen,

Mother’s Day and Small Ways to Create Memories Every Day


We know that, as a mom, Mother’s Day can have its moments of feeling like just another day--not because we don’t honor and love all the mothers for the amazing women they are, but simply because motherhood and the responsibilities that come with it don’t have an “off” switch. So, today, instead of sharing grandiose plans for mom on one day of the year, we thought we’d share some ideas for how to make the small (and real) moments of motherhood memorable so that you can feel the love with your little partner every day.



1. Unleash Your Inner Child


Kids have the gift of reminding us what it feels like to play, imagine, and create again with a certain freedom that we can’t help but lose as we get older. So, let yourself loosen up a little and remember what it feels like to be a kid! They will love you for the time you’re taking to enter their world of play, and you’ll enjoy those stress-free minutes of the day.


2. Encourage Them to Chart Your Adventures Together

When you make plans for free time together, encourage them to take the lead and decide what it is you’ll do, rather than running through the same-old list of options. You might be surprised at what your little partner comes up with, and you’ll empower them to trust their instincts on how they want to spend their free time!


3. Use Kitchen Time as Bonding Time



Meal prep can either be a solo mom-show that you have to will yourself through, or it can be an invaluable time for bonding with your little kitchen helper. Pull up the Original Learning Tower for them (like SAHM, plus above), surrender yourself to the mess that is sure to ensue, and tackle meal time together in a way that’s fun, as well as a great hands-on learning experience for them. If you need some ideas, check out this list of things kids and toddlers can help with in the kitchen.


4. Venture Beyond “How was your day?”


Ask your kids about their best moments of the day over dinner or in the car on the way to the store. And if you need some fresh ideas other than the monotone call-and-response of “How was your day?” and “Good” -- refer to this post of 50 questions to ask your kids other than that boring fallback.


5. Just Take the Selfie


In today’s digital age, your phone is probably just an arm’s reach away. Snap photos of those everyday, magical moments--even if they aren’t perfect. So what if the house is a mess or you haven’t washed your hair in ten days? Those years will go by fast, and we promise you won’t care about the imperfect details when you’re looking back.


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