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Easter Egg Decorating Without the Mess

Posted by Little 04/12/17 0 Comment(s)

Easter Egg Decorating Without the Mess


We understand that sometimes as much as you want to do an activity with your child, knowing that you'll be left with a mess to clean up at the end can be enough to table the idea until he's older. We pulled together some great ideas to help make it easier this egg-dying season.


1. Raise Your Child to Counter or Table Height

Decorating will be much easier for your child and reduce the chances of the cup of colored water spilling if he or she is standing over the materials rather than reaching up.


2. Use this Dyeing Hack


Slip each egg into a whisk first and then dip it into the dye. That way, no little fingers have to come in contact with the stain and mess.


3. Embrace Stick-On Decorations


Purchase an array of your little one’s favorite stickers. Alphabet stickers are a great way to personalize an egg for each family member and even teach letter recognition. Washi tape is another easy option. It comes in bright patterns and varying thicknesses that kids can mix and match in bands and zig-zags around the eggs.


4. Turn Them into Fun Characters

We love this idea using googly eyes and mustache stickers to make adorable mustache men. And don’t forget construction paper to make easy stands to keep your egg-men upright. (Image via Real Simple)


5. Dig Through Your Craft Supplies

You don’t have to go the traditional route to make egg decorating a fun and creative activity for the little ones. Markers, glue, and glitter are all fair game for egg decorating, too. Don’t be afraid to bust out the craft supplies you already have on hand.


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