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Daylight Saving's Time is Here

Posted by Little 03/10/17 0 Comment(s)

This weekend is everybody’s least favorite night -- the one where we lose an hour of sleep. We know it’s a drag, so we put together a list of the positive aspects of Daylight Savings Time to help make it a little less painful to set our clocks an hour ahead on Saturday night. 

5 Ways to Look on the Bright Side of Losing an Hour

1. Make it a family affair

Luckily, Daylight Savings night does land on the weekend, so you can turn it into a special night by purchasing a new bedtime book or set of pjs for your little ones. Or, gather the whole family together for forts in the living room and a movie like a daylight savings sleepover.

2. Recommit to healthy sleep habits

Use this weekend as a time to re-establish healthy sleep habits with your kids, such as enforcing no screens an hour before bedtime or putting together a creative bedtime routine checklist. The hour before bedtime is an important routine to establish in order to prepare the body for restful sleep. This article even suggests dimming all house lights an hour before bed to prepare the body for darkness. 

3. Finally buy those blackout shades

Blackout shades are one of those home essentials that we all mean to buy but somehow just never get around to. Light exposure at the wrong times can throw off your body’s internal clock and affect both the quantity and quality of sleep. Blackout shades are helpful as the evenings get longer in the Spring and when the sun comes up earlier in the Fall. 

4. Look ahead to the extra hour of daylight

Sure, we’re losing an hour of sleep, but we’re also gaining an hour of sunlight in the afternoons! We no longer have to feel like it’s time to hibernate right after dinner. Embrace the time to get kids outdoors. Plan fun evening activities like backyard scavenger hunts, trips to the park, and more. 

5. Stock up on coffee and breakfast essentials

For those first couple of mornings when your body is still adjusting, make sure you’re ready to go with a cup (or 2) of your favorite roast. Plan fun, yummy breakfasts with the little ones that they can get excited about in the morning and even help you make! 


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