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Holiday Baking Must-Haves

Posted by David 12/22/17 0 Comment(s) Kids in the Kitchen,

Set Yourself Up for Baking Success with your Little Partner!



'Tis the season to do some holiday baking! No matter how much you love to have your little partner in the kitchen with you, it can be challenging at times. Set yourselves up for baking success this holiday season with these tools that will allow you to put your focus on the quality time together. 




1. Kid-Friendly Baking Tools

Giving your child baking tools that are made just for them will help empower them to get involved in the process. Plus, you can relax knowing that they're using kid-safe tools while they bake... and that your favorite spatula won't end up getting ruined in the process.




2. Thinking Ahead to the Clean-Up 

So many parents avoid baking with their kids for one simple reason—the mess. Laying down a splat mat before you start baking or decorating will make clean up a breeze. And this is certainly a piece of gear you'll use outside of the 

kitchen, as well. 






3. Baking Never Looked So Cute

Speaking of making a mess, we adore these bibs that come in fun and festive holiday patterns (even an ugly Christmas sweater version!). Not only do they offer full coverage for your little partner, but they can be machine washed when you're done.





4. The Perfect Place for Your Creations 

Not that your little ones will actually share their holiday sweets and treats with Santa, but if you can convince them to leave one or two behind, a personalized Santa plate is the perfect place to have them leave their baking creations. Don't forget carrots for the reindeer!  





5. Little Partners' 3-in-1 Growing Step Stool
We can't stress how much easier it will be to bake with your children if you eliminate the worry of falling off a chair or wobbly step stool.  The tongue-in-groove assembly and superior craftsmanship of our 3-in-1 stool give it strength and stability, setting it apart from other step stools on the market. And it's wide enough for two kids to use together, which solves other challenges too!
Happy Baking! If you're feeling inspired, please share photos of your holiday cookies and baking sessions with us. Tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #MadeWithMyLittlePartners

















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