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5 Ways Kids Learn from Hosting a Lemonade Stand

Posted by David 06/07/17 0 Comment(s) Kids in the Kitchen,

Alex's Lemonade Days


Through Saturday, June 11th, kids and families across the country are selling lemonade to fight childhood cancer “one cup at a time” with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. We love this foundation’s mission, which was started by Alexandra “Alex” Scott when she was just four years old, to raise money for cancer research and improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families.


Since Alex’s passing, her mission, passion, and love has inspired a nationwide movement that began simply with a cup of lemonade. That alone sounds like enough to get on board, but just in case you needed more, here are a few more reasons to apply and host an Alex’s Lemonade Stand this week.


1. Stretches their Creativity


Kids will be able to get creative in new ways while they make their lemonade stand. They can sketch their ideal layout, paint signs, select fabric for tablecloths, and assist you in the building process.


2. Gets Them in the Entrepreneurial Spirit


When you host your own Alex’s Lemonade Stand, you’ll be able to share Alex’s story and how one little girl’s passion and generous spirit launched a movement. Who knows what innovation this could spark in your own little one. They will also get the very practical experience of handling and counting money, learning what it means to pay for an item, and giving change.



3. Teaches Them the Power of Philanthropy


Children will learn what it means to work hard for a good cause and the tremendous value of living in a world where people give back to those in need. You can get them excited about how much money they raise, teach them that every penny counts in a team effort, and ultimately demonstrate that it is possible to build a world where people come together to help others.


4. Builds Community


In today’s digital age, it seems that opportunities to connect with even our closest neighbors can be few and far between. A lemonade stand is a fun way to bring the neighborhood together and teach your little one that amazing things can be accomplished when we come together in community.


5. Gets Them in the Kitchen


Of course, they’ll have to make the lemonade, as well, which gives them another opportunity to be at your side in the kitchen, learning by doing.


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