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5 Ways to Survive Spring Fever

Posted by David 05/26/17 0 Comment(s)

Whether your little ones are in school or not, the remaining days until we hit summer can start to make us feel restless for those carefree summer months. Here are some fun ways to beat spring fever and keep kids engaged and entertained until summer finally arrives.



Make the Most of Rainy Days


Rainy days don’t have to mean staying cooped up inside all day. Breakout the rain gear and let the kids stomp outside in the puddles, collect rainwater samples, or make a mud pie kitchen. Then, when it’s time to come back inside, make sure your kids stay organized with their jackets and boots in their My First Cubby to avoid a huge mess in your entryway or mudroom.


Craft a Countdown


Make a countdown chain to ease the wait--better yet, have them make a few! In addition to a countdown chain for the first day of summer, they can make one for the first day of your family summer vacation or the first day of their favorite camp. We love this countdown chain idea for trips to the beach.


Host a Hello Summer Fashion Show


Start a new ritual of packing away the family’s winter gear, pop some popcorn, and then host a fashion show of summer clothes, swimsuits, swim goggles, and other gear.


Restock on Supplies


Sit down with your little ones to make a list of their favorite craft supplies for outdoor summer fun, like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and balloons for water balloon fights. Or, set them up in their Original Learning Tower one night and dive into this super easy recipe for homemade sidewalk paint.


Kid-Friendly Car Wash


Haul all the scooters, bikes, and strollers out of the dusty corners of the garage and have an epic car wash. Little ones will love to play with soaps and suds. And don’t forget bathing suits for the occasional blast of the hose.


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